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Intervew, with Simcha Even-Chen, Israel by Evelyne Schoenmann, Potters Council Advisory Board Member, Potters Council New Pages, April 2016

In the studio with Simcha Even-Chen by Evelyne Schoenmann's, New Ceramic Issue 4, 2015

Simcha Even-Chen article by Antonio Vivas, REVISTA INTERNATIONAL CERAMICA, Issue 130, 2013

Simcha Even-Chen article by Maria Ramis, REVISTA CERAMICA CONTEMPORANIA terrart, Issue 41, 2012

Simcha Even-Chen article by Gordon Flouds, Ceramic Art and Perception, Issue 87, 2012

Jingdezhen - Ceramic Paradise article by Simcha Even-Chen, Ceramic Vision, 2012

Simcha Even-Chen, Ceramic Now Magazine No.1/Winter 2001-2012

The Poetics of Mathematics, Ceramic Review Magazine, Issue 243 May/June, 2010 

Making Sequence, Simcha Even-Chen in Practice, Ceramic Review, Issue 243 May/June, page 70, 2010

Craft & Art International Maragazine profile by Gordon Flouds, Even-Chen Simcha: Gold Cost International Ceramic Award 2008, issue 75, page 91-93

The Jurnal of Australian Ceramic, November 2008, pages 90-91

Weeken Bulletin, PRADISE, art with Marina Saint Martin, Ceramic Science, October 4-5, 2008, page 29

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